Thursday, May 3, 2007

Will the Opposition Parties ever win Malaysia?

In year 1999 GE, I did asked myself, will BN lose it this time? That very year General Election was very crucial to the ruling party as it was the 1st G.E after sacking of the then DPM and at the time, the case was still being heard. And the Chinese community was a sort of "king-maker" at that time as the Malay bethren were on the wave of change and I was still very much a "Mahathir-man" and of course, I, too side with the ruling party.

Back to reality, the wave of change had changed and it's the Chinese who had wanted some changes to Malaysia and the trend had actually started in the 2004 G.E (though OKT had repeatly denied time and again) which few seats had benefitted DAP especially in Perak state.

But my question is.... will the opposition parties ever win Malaysia?

My opinion, it is rather difficult for that event to materialise as the opposition front consist of 3 major parties which of course, 3 different ideologies! but unless... unless.. they can form a bigger party that consist of all the members from 3 parties into a single opposition party and that will be the day that we will witness history!

What say you????!!!

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