Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Malaysian Dream or Dreaming???

I had just returned from a well deserve holiday from The West and the in-famous Irish weather had came back once again! Rain... Sun... Wind all in a day! and I'm back once again to surf what's on our in-famous Malaysian politic arena!

oh! The Maybank racist-policy saga had ended and so is the Ambank's but in this article, where's the PM said that the bank should be fair to all(?what about the Never Ending Policy?) ... and there are some senators and some racist openly supporting the ruling.

What about this bugger who said stuff about sparking uneasiness among multiculture society???

And the leaking drama....

My God! Can you imagine these idiots representing the rakyat with their foolish acting and how they treat the parliament like a jester court! and those ladies MPs of the ruling party...

And I wonder why... the Sarawak CM is not suing Japan Times ?

so... is there a Malaysian Dream (2020) or Malaysian are dreaming?

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