Saturday, May 5, 2007

why bother??

Last night, when I was just about to post a comment on this blog, my wife said "aiyahh! why bother? these people will never listen! and aren't you enjoying your life here?" Her words, somehow stuff my brain from thinking on my actual topic that I had wanted to write. As matter of fact, she is right in a way....

Most Malaysian never learn from mistake and they tend to keep repeating it over and over again... or maybe tidak-apa(care-less) attitude or maybe of short memory or the urge to change will never be there... it is clearly seen in both Machap and Ijok buy-election where's voters were wasting their rights by voting for the same party that didn't do much of a good job. (If BN had been doing fine, they don't have to pour millions to buy the heart of the voters! They would have win with the hands down!)

The method of divide and rule which was passed down by the Mat Salleh lord is still working fine in Malaysia. The Malays are make to believe that NEP is to safeguard their rights but it's actually safeguarding those people who are safeguarding this racist policy. The Chinese are make to believe that as long as there's NEP, the Malay will be happy and will not bother them from making a living.... and I'm sorry that I can't comment much about Indian as Indian that I knew are either die-hard BN supporters or Semi hater!

... why bother???....

though I'm living in a wonderful country now and with wonderful people that I meet everyday who see me as a human and not the colour of skin or my chinese looking feature or my Manglish.. the reason is that I still do care about Malaysia and I do love my country and that's the answer that I had answered my wife!

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