Wednesday, July 18, 2007

What is wrong with Malaysia??

For the past few days, I was pondering... what is wrong with Malaysia??? It seem that my beloved country had turned into wild west era.... where's the sheriff rules and the rich are keeping the sheriff in place so that they too, rules!

The recent arrest of blogger, Nat Tan is another episode of abuse of power by our sheriff. It amaze me that I had read more disturbing facts in this blog than Nat Tan's blog which is more bent toward his boss, PKR and yet we were told that he was arrested for some OSA shit! and I do really wonder, why politician or law-makers need to hide behind the curtain of OSA if they had done nothing wrong in the name of the law!

I had lived most part of my life through Mahathir-era and I do adore the man as he had made us proud to be called Malaysian even though there are hiccups such as NEP, the Anwar Ibrahim trial (I'm not a fan of the ex-DPM but i do not agree, the way he was deposed) and comparing chinese educationist with communist.... to name a few... but we did enjoyed many good and proud years under his leadership. Those years were not as chaotic...... now, corrupt politicians are so visible and yet, they treated the rakyat as fool with their speeches or statement. Maybe some will say that Mahathir got the benefit of no blogger or the world is not as small as it is now where's information travel with a click of a button. But still... Mahathir did managed to built the country with his mega dream project.... now, we heard many billions of ringgit worth of projects are being announced.....

Need not to say... crime rate have increase tremendously in recent years... is it due to hardship or the inavailability of jobs that turn Malaysian into crime or incompetent of our sheriff to guard?

Are there anything we can do?

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