Saturday, October 20, 2007

Happr Days!.... ?

Yesterday, oil price had reached a record high of USD 90 per barrel after topping USD 60 per barrel for more than 2 years. As an oil producing country, Malaysia had been greatly benefited from the increase of oil revenue.

The other piece of good news is that our Malaysian Ringgit had appreciated more than 12% against USD since the release of Ringgit from pegging. It is going strongly against USD and currently stand at RM 3.36 per 1 USD and this is definitely a great improvement from our RM 3.80 for 1 USD days.

Furthermore, our beloved PM had annouced in early months of this year that that our trade had passed Trillion.

All these should spelled Happy Days for the Rakyat or for the VVVIP????

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zewt said...

3.36 to a buck? sure or not? let me go check check...

as for oil... it will always be bad new for us even being a petrol producing country.

Chicken Ball said...

zewt, correct me if i'm wrong... as i google-d it... haha!