Monday, October 1, 2007

Ah Long menace!! (2)

Yet another report of ah long menace in our daily news and yet another MCA's guy doing a good deed and appealing to the those illegal money lender to be fair to the lender's family.

Yes, many of us do think that those who borrowed from ah long doesn't deserve any sympathy from the public and neither do I but... if these money lending activities are illegal, why should MCA even bother to plead or appealed to these ah long!? These MCA's representative should report these money lending activites to the police and should even encourage those who had borrowed and not to repay to deter these money lending kings from continuing their illegal business!

I wonder why, the authorities are not doing anything to stop these ah long?



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zewt said...

they are certainly very good in publicity... both the ah long and...