Saturday, August 25, 2007

VMY '07 a overwhelming success!

According to this report here that
the influx of tourist arrivals for Visit Malaysia Year (VMY) 2007 is more than what the Government bargained for and is resulting in a shortage of hotel rooms
and the Tourism Minister is worried that there aren't not enough rooms for the still incoming tourist!!

And he sarcasticly said
“I am worried that tourist arrivals may reach 24 million!”

but he added that
Their expenditure is not as good compared to the same period last year, because of the visitors from Asean countries whose average expenditure is lower than tourists from the Middle East and other countries!

Can anyone confirm this newfound richness?

and can anyone please inform the minister that illegal immigrant from Indonesia, Myammar or Phillipine from the Asean countries shouldn't be counted as tourist!


Maverick SM said...

Malaysian Ministers speaks without the need for statistical evidence.

In fact, most of the tourists are Arabs if you go and observe the hotels in KL. Of course the highest group of tourists are from S'pore

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